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Moriah, Sue Shipe Ph.D. Messenger

Sue Kidd Shipe, Ph.D., also known as “Moriah” is a Spiritual Teacher, Author and the Founder of the International Institute For Human Empowerment and New World Empowerment Center. She is also Chair of the Fibromyalgia Task Force of New York State.

New World Empowerment Center

Home to all of the programs & services of the Institute: Retreats, Workshops, Meetings & “Meditations with Moriah”.

International Institute for Human Empowerment

Non-profit Org. dedicated to the mission of empowering all people toward the attainment of basic human rights including quality education, food, healthcare, and a peaceful & loving environment.

Global Outreach & Support

Participate in our programs, and support our work through grants, donations, and purchases from our gift stores. Join us as together we share “A New Way for a New Day!”

Moriah's Musings

  • Open To Healing

    Received by “Moriah” (Sue Shipe, PhD)

    Healing is the acceptance of Universal Energy. It is the heart opening to allow. It is the […]

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  • New World Empowerment Ministries Has Begun

    The time of waiting is over.
    The Ministry has begun.
    It will start with “disciples”
    Who are disciplined to carry it forth.
    These are the rocks of human life
    Upon […]

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  • To Be

    One of my favorite things about the ocean
    Is that it looks so content and delighted
    To be the ocean.
    Never wanting to be something else
    Never wanting to […]

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“Wherever I go, They are with me. Wherever you go, you are never alone. The illusion of being alone in a volatile world is the basis for all fear. Follow Love to experience love.” The "Teachers of Love" are High Spiritual Teachers, or Angels. They are assisting Humanity "in the evolution that is occurring" as many great changes characterize this time of shifting from a global community to an inter-global community as we continue to expand into space. Thus many of the philosophies and teachings relevant to a global community become less relevant during this expansion. The "New Message of Love" does not replace, but builds upon current religions, spiritual beliefs, and philosophies.